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Guy Harvey Resorts Comes Ashore on Lake Okeechobee at Okee-Tantie Campground
with Plans for a Freshwater Resort RV Park Destination

    Park to Target RVers, Anglers, Hunters and Eco Enthusiasts


OKEECHOBEE, FL‹JULY 22, 2015‹Guy Harvey, one of the foremost saltwater sport
fishing brands, has planted  its Guy Harvey Outpost Resort flag on the
shores of a legendary freshwater destination, Lake Okeechobee.

Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts along with RV campground developer Elite Resorts
have received a unanimous approval from the Okeechobee County Commission to
transform the sprawling Okee-Tantie Campground and Marina into a bucket list
vacation destination for North America¹s nation of RV and boating/fishing

Re-development plans for the popular park, first opened in 1970, include
expansion of wet slips and a new 75 slip boat barn, a Guy Harvey Outfitter
Store, 370 RV pads with all new utility services, 60 rental cabins, a new
10,000 sq. ft. waterfront lodge with pool and amenities and
renovation/expansion of a 7,500 sq. ft. restaurant to include a new Tiki-bar
overlooking the marina.  The partners intend to reopen the former Lightsey¹s
Restaurant as Guy Harvey¹s Fish Camp Grill and Anglers Bar.

Phase I efforts will include renovation and expansion of the
restaurant/marina bar, marina upgrades, boat barn, the Outfitter store and
delivery of the club lodge with 220 RV lots and 20 cabins.  Reopening is
scheduled for spring, 2017.

Situated within a two hour drive to some 18 million Floridians and a popular
destination for America¹s estimated 8 million RVers, the year-round
recreation area is located on the north shore of Lake Okeechobee and the
mouth of the Kissimmee River.

³This is one of the unique spots in Florida,² said Ed Mayer with Elite
Resorts.   With new improvements and professional resort management and
promotion, this venue will unquestionably reclaim its reputation as the
premier resort RV destination on Lake Okeechobee.²

³We haven¹t waivered in our commitment to find a home on Lake Okeechobee,¹
adds Mark Ellert, President and co-founder of Guy Harvey Outpost. ³Angling
is a part of our DNA, and there are millions of fresh water anglers who know
Lake Okeechobee for its top-of class fishing.  The marriage of legendary
fishing with land yachting make for an incredible new Guy Harvey Outpost
market for our legions of freshwater fishing and eco-tourism enthusiasts.²

Guy Harvey, who holds a Ph.D. in fisheries biology, is known among artists
as the ³Audubon of marine illustration² for his accurate depiction of
gamefish, flora and fauna.  Outpost co-founder Bill Shedd, is the owner of
AFTCO, manufacturer of premium sport fishing tackle and apparel, including
Guy Harvey branded sportswear.  Both Harvey and Shedd are trustees of the
International Game Fish Association (IGFA), are prominent conservation
advocates, and oversee separate marine research institutes on the east and
west coasts of the United States.

³I¹m a family man first, and then comes science, art, education, and
fishing¹, says Dr. Harvey.  ³It¹s a big pot to stir, but we¹re going to stir
it up on the banks of Lake Okeechobee and serve up a real good time at this
new Guy Harvey Outpost Resort.²

About Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts

Guy Harvey Outpost is based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The company¹s
activities are focused on promoting the Guy Harvey lifestyle experience in
hospitality projects and travel expeditions.  The company also represents
professional outfitters offering fishing and diving services for Outpost
customers. Through the company's GHOFish program, Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts
promotes scientific angling expeditions, tournaments and charters.

The company was founded in 2007 by Mark Ellert, a veteran hospitality
professional, and is co-owned by Dr. Harvey, Bill Shedd and Charles Forman.
Shedd is the owner of AFTCO, recognized worldwide for its big-game fishing
tackle and merchandise. AFTCO is the official licensee of Guy Harvey
sportswear. Both Harvey and Shedd are trustees of the prestigious
International Game Fishing Association, IGFA and oversee, respectively, the
Guy Harvey Research Institute and Hubbs Seaworld Research Institute. Forman
hails from a pioneering Florida ranching family, and is a practicing eminent
domain lawyer with offices in Ocala and Ft. Lauderdale.  He is an early
partner of Dr. Harvey in developing his licensing and publishing activities,
travelling the world with Guy in various fishing, diving and photographic

About Elite Resorts

Elite Resorts is known for providing a top-notch experience at a great value
at amenity rich, family friendly RV resorts in Florida and Connecticut.
Elite Resort managed properties include Citrus Valley in Clermont, Florida;
Salt Springs in Salt Springs, Florida; and Strawberry Park in Preston,
Connecticut.  The company also promotes events at those properties,
including the Bluegrass and Cajun Zydeco festivals.

About Guy Harvey

Guy Harvey is a marine wildlife artist and conservationist who earned a
Ph.D. in Fisheries Biology. His depictions of marine life, especially of
sportfish such as marlin, are very popular with sport fishermen and have
been reproduced in prints, posters, t-shirts, jewelry, clothing, and other
consumer items.  Harvey is also a very vocal and active advocate for marine
conservation, having established the Guy Harvey Research Institute at Nova
Southeastern University of Fort Lauderdale, Florida as well as the Guy
Harvey Ocean Foundation, an organization that funds marine conservation
research and educational initiatives.


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Save East Orlando!! (2)




Marsh Rider magazine attended the Orange County Commission meeting yesterday which started at 2: p.m. and ended at 2:21 A.M this morning. 12 hours of pleas from citizens begging to be able to Save Orange County and be allowed to continue to enjoy the rural lifestyle they have been promised.

In the end, action on one development, Lake Pickett North, was temporarily postponed. However action on the other, Lake Pickett South, was taken which keeps that project alive. It was an alarming view of elected officials putting the pleas of their constituents out of their thought process while listening to the empty promises of developers. 

The fight is not over, however. There are more steps for these two developments to go through before they are allowed to forever change the character and heritage of east Orange County. Even if you don't live in East Orlando, please help your fellow sportsmen stop this terrible salughter of ecologically sensitive land and water.

What can YOUdo to help STOP the approval of these two super-sized developments and protect what remains of our pastoral surroundings and rural lifestyle?

    Sign the on-line petition at www.SaveOrangeCounty.org. (This automatically e-mails your county commissioners.)
    Email county representatives (listed below) and let them know you are against the plans to four lane Lake Pickett Road and against the two proposed developments. We suggest putting in the subject line something that directly affects YOU. For example, NO 4 Laning Lake Pickett Road or NO Eminent Domain.
     Please write to each of these county commissioners and continue to oppose these out-of-place developments.
    We suggest sharing this with your neighbors and ask them to do the same.
    Be ready to respond to email alerts as new actions are taken on these projects. The next step for one is to be reviewed by the Agency for Economic Development in Tallahassee. When we know the development has been forwarded to Tallahassee, we will let you  know the next action step.

Check here as well as Save Orange County.org to learn the latest developments and PLEASE HELP SAVE THIS SENSITIVE LAND

Email List for your county representatives

District 1 Scott Boyd: District1@ocfl.net

District 2 Bryan Nelson: District2@ocfl.net

District 3 Pete Clarke: District3@ocfl.net

District 4 Jennifer Thompson: District4@ocfl.net

District 5 Ted Edwards: District5@ocfl.net

District 6 Victoria Siplan: District6@ocfl.net

Mayor Teresa Jacobs is: Mayor@ocfl.net


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