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Save East Orlando!!

It seemed simple enough at first, just a “little change” in the wording of the Orange County, Fl Comprehensive Planning document. The change would be from “Rural zoning” to “Rural Transition Zoning.”

The result? Allow: 4,700 homes and 237,000 square feet of commercial space on less than 2600 acres. Current zoning would only allow 260 homes to be built.
In addition, this change would affect 22 other “rural” areas in the county
Another anticipated result: 15,000 additional cars per day using the same “already failed highway system.”

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By Vickie L. Cruz

Where do I start when I can’t fully explain the depth of this man?

First he was my brother, we fought when we were kids then we grew into having a mature relationship and most of all friendship.

He was everything I could ever dream of as far as being strong, confident, friendly, loving and a brother. He always answered my calls, gave me advice, rarely said “no” and he was always there for me.

Siblings can be your “go to” person; Mark A. Cruz was that to me. I could write about child hood memories, but instead I’ll share some air boating stories.

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